All You Need to Know About How to Set Up a Trampoline

You have purchased your trampoline, and you and your family are really excited to start enjoying the trampoline.

But before you can start enjoying the trampoline, you need to set it up first. And, this is where the trouble starts.

This can be a frustrating task to set up a new trampoline. It isn’t as easy as many people think. Especially, if you aren’t many adults that can assist with the assembly.

However, with the right guide, and information, you will be able to set up your trampoline in no time. Without any problems at all.

These are everything you need to know about setting up a trampoline in no time.

Might Look Hard to Assemble a Trampoline

set up a trampoline park

Yes, it might look hard to assemble a trampoline, especially the larger ones. And, if you don’t follow the instructions and know which part is coming where then it will be hard.

But, this is why there is a really great instruction guide with each trampoline. If you didn’t receive one in your package, you can find one online, at their website.

The secret to assemble a trampoline, and to do it correctly, is to be patient. Don’t try to set it up in just an hour or two. This might take some time. The larger the trampoline, the longer it is going to take.

More Than One Person for Fast Assemble

If you think that you can do this all by yourself, with just the kids, then you are mistaken. You’ll need to make sure that you are at least three to four adults. Then, the assembly of the trampoline will go a lot smoother.

You can invite people over for a barbeque and drinks. But, in between the drinking and eating you can assemble the trampoline. And, all the kids can have fun together.

It is really best to be more than one person in order for you to set up the trampoline correctly without any struggles.

Check the Package to Make Sure That You Have Everything Before You Start

set up trampoline instructions

Before you start setting up the trampoline, you need to make sure that you have everything included in the package.

Don’t assume that they have given you everything. Take the instructions that are included and make sure to compare the pieces they are giving there to the pieces you have.

If there is any piece missing, you should take it back to the store. You can’t set up the trampoline if there is just one piece missing.

You don’t want to build the trampoline to find out later on, that there is a piece of the trampoline missing. Then, you need to take everything apart again.

Read the Instructions and Following the Steps

Now that you have made sure that everything is included in your package, you should read the instructions.

Making sure that you are getting a clear indication of how you need to install the trampoline correctly. There are many steps that you need to follow, and if you know what to do, then it will be easier.

Follow the steps and make sure that you don’t skip one step. This is the only way to make sure that you are going to get the trampoline installed correctly. 

Setting Up a Trampoline in Short

setting up a trampoline on uneven ground

You are getting your instruction manual. And, it isn’t really different to set up a square trampoline from around one.

However, if you don’t understand the instruction manual, you don’t need to worry.

Here are some basic steps on how to set up a trampoline in short. The instruction manual is short.

  • Lay the pieces out in the ring as you need to assemble them. Attaching it together
  • Adding the springs to the outer layer or frame of the trampoline.
  • Adding the mat to the springs. This is the hard part and where you will need to be more than one person. It will need to be stretched.
  • Putting the trampoline on its feet, by again making use of friends. Not hard to do, but can become heavy if you are trying to do this alone. 
  • Adding the safety net, the pads, and other essentials. Making sure that the trampoline is safe and secure at all times. 
  • You should test the trampoline for safety issues before you are letting children play on it for the first time.


Setting up a trampoline can be hard if you don’t know how to do it correctly. Or, if you are struggling to do this alone.

This is why you should make sure that you read the instructions and follow them completely. The best way to make sure that the trampoline is installed correctly and safely.

Don’t just go and install it as you might think it goes. You will regret it very soon.


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